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Winter Driving Course:

Skid Control Inc. offers a new unique Winter Driving Course throughout the months of December and January.

This course is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, safety awareness and confidence of drivers who experience long winter seasons. This course will benefit experienced drivers as well as drivers who have limited or no experience in winter driving.

This course is similar in curriculum to our Adverse Conditions Driver Training Course. Practicing without the SKIDCAR, students are given more time to perfect skills learned in the classroom while facing tough decisions in hazardous winter conditions.

We understand that your family, group or organization may have numerous people who will benefit from this course.  For this reason, we offer a discount based on the number of students attending. Space is limited to eight (8) student per day.

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Winter Driving

  • 4 hour classroom instruction
  • 2 hours driver skid training
  • 2 hours advanced driver training and

  • In depth advanced driving techniques
  • Covers front, rear and four wheel skids in
  adverse weather conditions
  • Teaches the basics to advanced driving on
  proper steering, acceleration, braking and
  cornering techniques
  • In depth discussion on vehicle dynamics,
  weight distribution and Stable Chassis
  • Emergency braking techniques
  • Driver attitude insight/awareness
  • Distracted driving awarness
  • ABS Brakes - ESC Systems

  $450 per student
* Prices do not include taxes
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