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Developed in Sweden in the 1980s, the SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is the most effective driving training program ever created. Unlike other programs, which merely simulate experiences to develop a driver's motor skills, The SKIDCAR SYSTEM allows drivers to experience real-life car control issues, and teaches them techniques that help them maintain control.

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With more and more public safety agencies facing tighter budgets, SKIDCAR is an excellent cost-effective way to provide essential training. Maintenance is low, with minimal wear and tear on a vehicle. Plus, there's no need to maintain special driving ranges or skidpans. The only need is a suitable paved area.

In a SKIDCAR, drivers experience hazardous road conditions at
much lower speeds. Because of the safety factor, there's virtually
no risk of injury or resultant medical cost.

In today's legal environment, it's more important than ever to properly train your staff for the hazardous driving conditions that come with a job. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM is simply the safest, most effective way to provide this training.
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