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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can anyone attend your driving courses?

Yes. While the use of a SKIDCAR has mostly only been open to the emergency services, our SKIDCAR is also available for corporate and public use. We train drivers from ages 16 to 80+. If you have a valid driving licence, you can take part in any of our driver training courses.

2. Is the SKIDCAR available for training year round?

We operate the SKIDCAR during the spring, summer and fall seasons. While it is possible to train with SKIDCAR in the winter, we prefer to take the skills the students have learned and put them into practice thus taking advantage of the realistic winter road conditions to provide driver training. The SKIDCAR then receives any maintenance needed over the winter, in preparation for the next season. To read more about our unique Winter Driving Course, click here.

3. What makes Skid Control Inc. different than any other Skid Control Schools?

We feel that with our specialized SKIDCAR equipment and unique driver training curriculum, you won't find a better experience in British Columbia. Professional driving instructors teach our courses and our main instructor brings extensive driver training knowledge from his service in the United Kingdom Police Force. We have combined some of the most highly specialized training equipment alongside of our unique, most up to date training curriculum to provide you with the best driving experience for today's challenges.

4. Is Skid Control a stationary driver training facility?

No. Our company regularly travels across British Columbia to train drivers from Vancouver to Fort Nelson. Like our slogan implies, we are a mobile driver training company. Although it is usually preferred by most that we come to their location, we have great facilities in Quesnel and would be more than happy to welcome you to visit us at our central location.

5. Do you offer courses in a SKIDTRUCK?

Currently we do not have a SKIDTRUCK available at this time. While we understand the teaching principles you seek, the same motor vehicle principles will apply to any vehicle you drive. After completion of our course, students will put their new skills into practice behind any type of vehicle they drive.

6. Do you offer discounts to groups or families?

Yes! We offer generous discounts to companies, groups and families. We are a business focused on driver training that is geared towards saving lives. Our belief is to provide this service to as many people as possible at a very reasonable price. If you are interested in one of our driver training courses, and have a group of people interested, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a discount you cannot refuse.

7. Is SKIDCAR proven to reduce accident rates?

We believe a better-informed driver is a safer driver. Many graduates report back that gaining greater control of their vehicles has avoided accidents. Read what our clients have to say about SKIDCAR under our Testimonials page.

SKIDCAR now operates in 35 Countries. In North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico) 260 SKIDCARS and 8 SKIDTRUCKS are used in 42 States and 5 Provinces.

8. Why do you describe SKIDCAR as the most effective driver-training tool?

The old method of teaching skid avoidance was taught on a skidpad. At 60 mph on a skidpad, a skid is over before the driver can learn anything from the event. In the SKIDCAR, everything happens at a low speed. The driver can learn from every action. It's by utilizing this interactive technology that the driver can feel the vehicle begin to skid and can react to the dynamics of a skid as it develops. This type of training makes it easy to pinpoint where student skills are lacking, allowing us to re-correct the unwanted actions or reactions.

To read more about the SKIDCAR, visit our SKIDCAR System FAQ page or visit Skidcar.com.

9. Is training with the SKIDCAR System expensive?

No. We have set our prices at a very reasonable rate to allow more drivers to train with us. Our company is set around improving our students driving knowledge and saving lives, not profitability.

"If you think safety training is expensive, wait until you have an accident."

We couldn't believe this statement to be more true. There is no value on life. While we all believe we are great drivers, the B.C. MVI (Motor Vehicle Incident) stats prove us wrong. Accidents do happen, but practice makes perfect.

10. After completing your Adverse Conditions Driving Course, am I trained for life?

The information you take away from our driver training program will give you invaluable information that will not only help yourself, but will also lead into your families, co-workers and friends lives. It should be noted that driving is a diminishable skill, that does require constant learning especially with the new technology becoming available.. We recommend that you re-train every two to three years to keep your mind refreshed and learn new skills.

11. Our company is interested in training with SKIDCAR. Can we test it out?

Absolutely! If we are training in or around your area, we would be more than happy to show you how our SKIDCAR operates, how it can improve your employees driving skills and reduce or prevent accident rates. To schedule an appointment, visit our contact page.

Out of the 2500+ students we have trained, not one has walked away saying it was a waste of time. In fact, most students wish they could have had more time in the SKIDCAR.
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